Inspired by… The Tennis Court


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It is easy to get in a style rut, especially at the end of a season. It’s not quite cool enough for your fall wardrobe, but your summer clothes are looking awfully stale.  There are the obvious places to look for wardrobe inspiration: Pinterest, fashion magazines, celebrity outfits… but those don’t always rekindle the dimming creative flame.


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In these moments, I start to take in my surroundings, current activities, and upcoming travels for a style spark.  Recently, I started tennis lessons (partly because I enjoy the game, and partly, ok majorly, because I love the clothes) and therefore am channeling my inner Serena Williams as I put together an outfit of a fit and flare leather skirt, preppy striped blouse, and green accessories that mirror the pristine flooring of a tennis court.  Using everyday surroundings encourages me to think outside the box and style outfits I may not otherwise be able to see.


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Where do you find your fashion inspiration?


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