How to Increase Closet Organization in 5 Easy Steps: Step 1

As we start focusing our attention to shopping for fall finds, now is a great time to get your closet organized and make room for your new items.  This is a big passion of mine and one that I have professionally explored. Your closet should be merchandised as though it were a boutique, making getting dressed each morning a luxurious and easy experience.

This week will be dedicated to the top 5 ways you can easily make your closet more organized.


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I can’t promise that your closet will look like the one above, but I can promise a more seamless (pun intended) dressing experience.

Step 1: Flip your closet.  Flipping your closet entails storing your fall/winter-specific clothing outside of your closet in the spring/summer seasons and storing your spring/summer clothes elsewhere in the fall/winter seasons. This is the easiest and most efficient way to increase space in your closet.

Store the opposing seasons clothes in a large 45-gallon tub (like this one here) along with a few pieces of cedar wood to prevent moths eating your treasured items.  Store this in an extra closet or even the garage (just make sure to latch the lid shut to avoid any unwanted creatures).

In late August/September I put away my spring items and switch them out for my stored fall items.  In February is when I make the transition to spring/summer.  Not only does this create a large amount of space in your closet, but it also ensures you are wearing season-appropriate items.  Plus, each time you pull out your stored season items, it’s kinda like you went shopping since you haven’t seen them in six months!

Stay tuned as I share more of my closet tricks tomorrow!


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