How to Increase Closet Organization in 5 Easy Steps: Step 5- Outfit Pictures

ImageA lot of the steps we talked about this week for Operation Clean Closet not only help organize your closet, but also end up saving a lot of time getting dressed.  One of my favorite time savers- and one way to avoid the mid-morning bathroom mirror surprise where you glance at your reflection and wonder “What was I thinking?!” in your outfit choice- is to use outfit pictures.

Around the time I flip my closet each season, I also put together outfits and take pictures so that I end up with a stack of photos I keep on my dresser in my closet.  I include the “meat” of my outfit- top, pants, and jacket/sweater- and also include shoes and accessories.  If I am feeling extra creative, I will also throw in a handbag for a complete look.Image

Any morning I feel uninspired- or am simply just too tired to put something together- I take a look at my photo stash and I have an instant outfit choice.

ImageI especially love to do this when I purchase new items.  Working new items in with my current wardrobe breathes new life into my closet and reassures that the purchase I made is a good addition to my existing threads.

Now that you see how easy it can be to organize your closet in a jiffy, I challenge you to incorporate at least one of the items from the list into your closet this long holiday weekend :).

Have a great long weekend and thank you for stopping by!


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