On Trend: Summer Staples


Sometimes my closet overwhelms me.

It’s organized by color, style, and season with shoes in boxes and pictures of each displayed neatly on the outside.  I have my accessories accessibly hanging cleanly and my sweaters folded like a department store on the shelves (for my favorite closet organizing tips visit here). And still, I stare at a closet full of clothes and get that feeling that I have nothing to wear.

It can be attributed to the old adage “less is more”.  Since having a baby seven weeks ago (hence my long blog hiatus), there is a lot less in my closet I currently wear- and it is rather refreshing.  I find that I am much more resourceful and rely on accessories to bring the same few rotating pieces of clothing to life.  In fact, it inspired me to take a second look at my closet and be truthful with myself to purge what I really don’t wear.  Four giveaway bags later, I could feel the closet anxiety lifting.

So what pieces made the cut?  I know you are on the edge of your seat in anticipation.

  1. Harem Pants– They are as comfy as sweats (really!  My postpartum body says so) but can be as sophisticated as work attire.  I love these ones by Michael Lauren.  The floral print is right on trend and make the rest of the outfit easy- just pair with a white tee.  Plus, all his pieces are made in Los Angeles.
  2. Substantial Basics– I’ve tried doing the cheap basic thing, it doesn’t work.  It is important to invest a couple financial steps above Target quality for those plain tees (remember- price per wear, friends!).  I recently tried about 10 different tees in search of the perfect one and I found it in this Splendid style.  The neckline is almost all I could ask for: just low enough to show a little skin but I won’t get cited for indecent exposure.  And the body of the shirt is roomy but doesn’t make it look like there was a baby left in my belly.
  3. Flash Lens Aviators– These eye-catching (har har) shades will stop anyone in their tracks.
  4. Cut Off Shorts– A must for summer.  These bad boys go with everything- from a bikini top to a sweater for those marine layer days and cool nights.  This Joe’s Jeans pair is a versatile wash and is on sale- winning!
  5. Espadrille Slip-Ons– These instantly make any outfit.  Throw on your cute cut offs and beautiful basic tee with these and you have the easiest on-trend summer outfit around.  (Throw on a long simple chain necklace and fedora for extra bonus points.)

What are some of your closet staples for this summer?


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