How to Increase Closet Organization in 5 Easy Steps: Step 3

ImageHi Everyone and Happy Hump Day!

For day 3 of Operation Clean Coset,  I am sharing my method for hanging jewelry, specifically necklaces and bangles, for tangle-free accessibility.

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Case of the Mondays: Suit Up


One , Two , Three , Four , Five , Six

A friend and I were talking about work attire recently and she disclosed that her office instituted a “black suit only” dress code.


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On Trend: Mixing Metals


It wasn’t too long ago when only white gold and sterling silver ruled the accessory roost.  Then a few years ago, yellow gold came into play and has dominated the jewelry market since.  Now there is a new neighbor in town: rose gold.  As delicate as silver  but a bit less flashy than yellow gold, rose gold is the binding force that brings all the metals together.  We don’t have to choose just one anymore, we can wear them all at once!  Above I layered yellow gold bangles with a rose gold vintage watch alongside beaded bracelets.  I think the combination above blends old and new, classic and trendy.

What do you think about mixing metals?

What I am Wearing: Navy Nautical Stripes


Coral Sweater {Tory Burch}, Dress {Theory}, Shoes {last seen here}, Michael Kors Watch

Over the weekend the hubs and I traveled from mountain life to coastal retreat.  Friday we left the cabin and made our way over to the quaint coastal town of Carmel, Ca for a friend’s wedding.  It was my first time to Carmel and I was blown away by the charming architecture, hydrangea lined streets, and homes that didn’t have number addresses, only names.  It was Utopia on water. Continue reading