On Trend: Summer Staples


Sometimes my closet overwhelms me.

It’s organized by color, style, and season with shoes in boxes and pictures of each displayed neatly on the outside.  I have my accessories accessibly hanging cleanly and my sweaters folded like a department store on the shelves (for my favorite closet organizing tips visit here). And still, I stare at a closet full of clothes and get that feeling that I have nothing to wear.

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Wear of the Week: Booties + Skinny Jeans


The cool weather continues- and so does my love for fall fashion!  For today’s look, I paired booties with skinny jeans. 
This partnership is reminiscent of the relationship between gouda cheese and an apple slice, kindergarten best friends, or Kesha and an 808 drum.  They just fit together and make a sensible combination.


I half-tucked a floral tunic to create shape and paired it all together with a moto jacket I picked up from Zara while on a trip to San Francisco.  It was patiently waiting in my closet since June and I was so excited to put it to use. Image

Along with a side pony, this is casual comfort at its finest!


Tomorrow I will be styling the final Wear of the Week look.  Thank you for stopping by!

Tunic {H&M}, Jeans {H&M}, Jacket {Zara, in other colors here}, Booties {Nordstrom}, Bracelet {Charming Charlie’s}


How to Increase Closet Organization in 5 Easy Steps: Step 5- Outfit Pictures

ImageA lot of the steps we talked about this week for Operation Clean Closet not only help organize your closet, but also end up saving a lot of time getting dressed.  One of my favorite time savers- and one way to avoid the mid-morning bathroom mirror surprise where you glance at your reflection and wonder “What was I thinking?!” in your outfit choice- is to use outfit pictures.

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How to Increase Closet Organization in 5 Easy Steps: Step 4

I am so looking forward to scarf season!  I flipped my closet yesterday and was happy to put away my spring and summer scarves and take out the cozy winter ones.  There is something so fun about flannel fabric and gingham patterns.  I can smell the pumpkin spice already.

Scarves, in all their glory, are an item in your closet that can be hard to know what to do with.  In some of my closet quests, I have seen them stored in a bag in the corner of the closet or all hung on one hanger on top of another.  Although it keeps them off the floor, it is hard to see exactly what you have when you are digging through them all. Continue reading

How to Increase Closet Organization in 5 Easy Steps: Step 3

ImageHi Everyone and Happy Hump Day!

For day 3 of Operation Clean Coset,  I am sharing my method for hanging jewelry, specifically necklaces and bangles, for tangle-free accessibility.

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How to Increase Closet Organization in 5 Easy Steps: Step 2


For day 2 of Operation Clean Closet, we are focusing on displaying camis, t-shirts, and undershirts in an organized and accessible way. These are everyday garments that are important to have in clear view for easy grab and go, especially for early mornings.  Continue reading

How to Increase Closet Organization in 5 Easy Steps: Step 1

As we start focusing our attention to shopping for fall finds, now is a great time to get your closet organized and make room for your new items.  This is a big passion of mine and one that I have professionally explored. Your closet should be merchandised as though it were a boutique, making getting dressed each morning a luxurious and easy experience.

This week will be dedicated to the top 5 ways you can easily make your closet more organized.


Photo cred: apartmenttherapy.com

I can’t promise that your closet will look like the one above, but I can promise a more seamless (pun intended) dressing experience.

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