Wear of the Week: Red Denim

Image{Photo cred: people.com}

As trends come and go each season, it can be hard to know which ones to invest in.  There are a few things to consider before handing over those hard-earned shekels.

First and most important, take into account if you even like the trend.  It is never worth investing in a trend if you don’t even like it to begin with!  The second point to consider is if it compliments your style and if you are comfortable in it.   If peplum  doesn’t flatter your body, don’t wear it.  If you feel really uncomfortable in high-waist denim, try another style.  There are plenty of other trends to choose from each season to be self-conscious in the one you are in.

And last but not least, consider the wearability of the item: how much wear will you get out of it and how does it work with your current wardrobe? Continue reading


Inspired by… The Tennis Court


One , Two , Three , Four , Five , Six , Seven

It is easy to get in a style rut, especially at the end of a season. It’s not quite cool enough for your fall wardrobe, but your summer clothes are looking awfully stale.  There are the obvious places to look for wardrobe inspiration: Pinterest, fashion magazines, celebrity outfits… but those don’t always rekindle the dimming creative flame.

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On Trend: The Half Tuck


Kristin Cavallari and Carrie Underwood sporting the half tuck trend.

Photo cred: people.com

Cheesy ads claiming easy weight loss bombard infomercials, our email inbox, and the insides of magazines.  For the most part, they are ridiculously dramatized as we know there is nothing easy about getting in shape.  However, there is one current trend that can make you appear slimmer and accentuate your figure- no magic pill or cookie diet needed- the half tuck.

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What I am Wearing: LA Fashion Market Part II

ImageApple Printed Blouse {Nordstrom}, Boyfriend Jeans {first seen here}, Sandals {similar here}, Belt {similar here}

This is the time of year when I itch for fall weather. My summer clothes are starting to look dull and I all I want to do is throw on a cozy cold weather collection of hats, sweaters, boots, and scarves.  Since it is still August and summer is just getting started on the Southern California coast (thanks a lot, June Gloom that carried into July), I will have to settle for starting with a fall color palette.

Enter burgundy. Continue reading

On Trend: Cat Eye Sunglasses


{One , Two , Three, Four, Five , Six}

So, the ’50s and ’60s called and said your welcome for the chic trend of cat eye sunglasses.  These beauties were made popular along the same time as poodle skirts and beehive hairdos.  Fortunately for us, only the sunglasses have made it back in style (could you imagine?!).  For the fall season, updates include bold colors and spunky patterns.

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What I am Wearing: Boyfriend Jeans and Heels

ImageI just purchased these boyfriend jeans from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and have hardly taken them off since!  I am not sure why it took me so long to jump on the boyfriend jean trend, but now that I am on it, I think I will be riding it until the end.  Not only are they oh-so-comfortable- thanks to the looser fit- but they are très easy to dress up or down.  It’s simple to pair them with sandals and flats for everyday, but I also love the contrast they provide with a dressy blouse and heels.  This makes grabbing drinks with friends so effortless and comfortable!  Oh, and if you switch the jeans for black pants, you have an office-appropriate outfit.  Just pack the jeans for an effortless work to happy hour transition! Continue reading

On Trend: Mixing Metals


It wasn’t too long ago when only white gold and sterling silver ruled the accessory roost.  Then a few years ago, yellow gold came into play and has dominated the jewelry market since.  Now there is a new neighbor in town: rose gold.  As delicate as silver  but a bit less flashy than yellow gold, rose gold is the binding force that brings all the metals together.  We don’t have to choose just one anymore, we can wear them all at once!  Above I layered yellow gold bangles with a rose gold vintage watch alongside beaded bracelets.  I think the combination above blends old and new, classic and trendy.

What do you think about mixing metals?